TOUR Series

Saturday, June 2, 2018 ~ $130
10:30 AM Tee Times
TEES: Long – BLUE, Medium – BIRCH, Short – WHITE

639 Birch River Dr,
Dahlonega, GA 30533
(706) 867-1660

About: Looking forward to a great event up at Achasta!  Always a good test and one guys tend to enjoy getting to play. 
Location: Achasta
639 Birch River Dr,
Dahlonega, GA 30533
(706) 867-1660
Format: Straight Stroke Play.
Tees: LONG: BLUE, MEDIUM: BIRCH, SHORT: WHITE Players opting for the shorter tees will have a score adjustment equal to the difference in the rating of the tees played. Tee boxes assume good weather; if it is wet, the commissioner may choose to move some tee boxes up.
# Players: 40
Directions: Achasta
Evan Bartlett
Monty Berry
Tyrone Berry II
Bud Bramblett
Patrick Burnette
Randy Daniel
Joseph Daniel
T.J. Elgin
Mark Ellis
Richard Evans
Eddie Fields
Charles Germano
Rowdy Hope
Christopher Jones
Ted Kitchens
Brian Lorberbaum
Andy Maestas
Roy McCutcheon
Steve Philips
Thomas Schutt
Kevin Weeks
Jeff Williams
Rusty Williams
Last NameFirst NameTimeFLIGHT
AdalfioRafael10:40 AMBENT
BramblettBud9:52 AMBERMUDA
BurnettePatrick10:00 AMBENT
CarpenterGavin10:32 AMBENT
DanielRandy9:44 AMBERMUDA
DanielDoug10:08 AMBERMUDA
DealBilly10:08 AMBERMUDA
ElginT.J.10:00 AMBENT
EllisMark9:52 AMBERMUDA
FloydRyan10:24 AMBENT
GeorgeCarl10:00 AMBENT
GermanoCharles10:16 AMBERMUDA
GrantPhillip10:08 AMBERMUDA
JonesChris10:40 AMBENT
KannanRavi10:16 AMBERMUDA
KitchensTed9:52 AMBERMUDA
KizerBubba10:24 AMBENT
KostyalRay10:00 AMBERMUDA
NewberryGreg10:40 AMBENT
OtsukiJames10:16 AMBERMUDA
PhilipsSteve10:32 AMBENT
PopeBrian10:24 AMBENT
PrattMichael9:52 AMBERMUDA
SchuttThomas10:24 AMBENT
SjostromJon10:32 AMBENT
WeeksKevin10:08 AMBERMUDA
WilhoitTim9:44 AMBERMUDA
WilliamsRusty9:44 AMBENT
WilliamsChip9:44 AMBERMUDA
WoodBill10:16 AMBERMUDA
YoungTravis10:32 AMBENT