National Tour Challenge
Orlando, FL

Nov 4-6, 2016


Well it was close last year and this year it was extremely close but the AGA TOUR again took home the title at the annual National Tour Challenge. Every year gets a little closer and this year is was basically .3 strokes per player difference that separated us! It wasn't a dominating effort this year as number of us struggled and had to be carried to victory including me:)  Curtis Baugh may have just saved us as he hurt himself on the back nine and would normally withdraw but toughed it out for the team which might just have been the difference.  Congratulations to all who represented the AGA so well down in Orlando!
Patrick Burnette and Steve Philips both won their flights and a number of guys finished well!

Boston, Chicago and Pittsburgh will all be gunning for us next year, so for those of you who couldn't join us this year, put it on your calendars so you can help us repeat our success - you don't want to miss out on all the fun in 2017!

Curtis Baugh, Patrick Burnette, Jim Carey, Randy Daniel,Terry Dunn, Mark Ellis, David Elrod, Eddie Fields,Carl George, Charles Germano,Mark Goodson, Larry Hart, Rowdy Hope, Ravi Kannan, Brad Keeter, Norm Patterson, Steve Philips, Nick Price, Tyler Refling, David Sexton, Mark Webb, Tim Wilhoit, Art Williams, Jeff Williams, & Rusty Williams

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Flight 1

Player Name Tour 3-Day NetScore
Burnette, Patrick ATL 206
Kroisi, Nikolas BOS 210
Dunphy, Thomas BOS 215
Hope, Rowdy ATL 215
Birnbaum, Steve BOS 217
Dunn, Terry ATL 217
Evanoka, Drew PIT 217
Dickhaut, Gerry BOS 219
Graboski, Keith PIT 219
Schwartz, David CHI 219
Fields, Eddie ATL 221
Whitfield, Adam BOS 224
Featherstone, Larry CHI 225
Roberts, Simon BOS 225
Luther, Andy BOS 227
Tracey, Bobby BOS 227
Refling, Tyler ATL 231
Regan, Mike BOS 235
Ramsbotham, John PIT 238
Matonis, Michael BOS 240
Price, Nick ATL 241
Williams, Art ATL 242
Regan, Gail BOS 244
Patterson, Norm ATL WD

Flight 2

Player Name Tour 3-Day NetScore
Philips, Steve ATL 216
Carey, James ATL 222
Lanchester, Wayne BOS 222
OSullivan, Brian CHI 223
Cherny, Tom PIT 224
Vachon, Mr. Marc BOS 224
George, Mr. Carl ATL 225
Strickland, Jack BOS 225
Sexton, David Lee ATL 226
Siegel, Eric BOS 226
Caputo, Chris PIT 230
Rieg, Daniel PIT 230
Pici, Joe PIT 231
Wciorka, Claudia CHI 231
Miller, Jack BOS 232
Griffith, Paul BOS 234
Kannan, Ravi ATL 235
Wenning, Eric PIT 235
Wilhoit, Tim ATL 235
Germano, Mr. Charles ATL 237
Seibel, Bill PIT 239
Gomez, Eugene CHI 244
Goodson, Mark ATL 244
Thomas, Sean PIT WD

Flight 3

Player Name Tour 3-Day NetScore
Jenkins, Jeff PIT 213
Buckley, Joseph BOS 215
Williams, Jeff ATL 215
Daniel, Randy ATL 218
Webb, Mark E ATL 219
Goddard, Frank BOS 220
King, Dave PIT 220
Williams, Rusty ATL 220
Bochenczak, Steve CHI 221
Schrom, Art BOS 221
Kaye, Barry BOS 222
Elrod, David ATL 223
Frantti, Jim PIT 223
Weir, Brian BOS 223
Keeter, Brad ATL 226
Smith, Jim Red PIT 226
Dowen, Rick BOS 227
Johnson, John PIT 229
Reinhart, Mr. David BOS 236
Garcia, Ervy BOS 238
Fedor, Joe Jr PIT 242
Schacter, Daniel BOS 244
Olander, Jeff PIT 253
Baugh, Mr. Curtis ATL WD

Flight 4

Player Name Tour 3-Day NetScore
Wead, Owen CHI 201
Glomb, John PIT 207
Stinehour, Mark BOS 209
Maxwell, Mr. James R BOS 214
Bible, Bernie PIT 216
Kestner, Dan III PIT 217
Changelon, Stephen CHI 221
Melendez, Steven BOS 221
Ellis, Mark ATL 222
Allain, John BOS 223
Beatty, Elmer PIT 225
Yandrich, Eric PIT 226
Rupany, Jim CHI 230
Smith, Ken CHI 234
Hart, Larry ATL 237
Styrczula, Bruno CHI 239
Zittnan, Eileen CHI 239
Mulcrone, Michael CHI 242
Nelson, Brian BOS 243
Tracy, James CHI 245
Orr, Ed PIT 248
Jenkins, David PIT 251
Frederick, Kenneth PIT DNF
Messmer, George PIT WD