Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the AGA (Amateur Golfers Association)?
A: The AGA is a member organization founded in 1993 that plays amateur events on the premier golf courses
both public and private in and around Metro Atlanta.

Q: How many events and when?
A: We run about 30-35 events a year on some of the best public and private courses in and around Atlanta.  We also do a number of trips and a number of multi-day events as well.

Q: What is the cost of an event?
A: AGA Tournament costs range from $75 to $185 for a one-day event. This price includes green fees, cart, range balls, tax, prize pool and the administration fee. Other events and trips are priced typically at or below the market price based on how well we are able to get it discounted.

Q: How many tournaments do I have to play?
A: There are no minimums or maximums as your membership in the AGA allows you the opportunity to pick and choose the events that fit your time and budget requirements.

Q: What is the membership fee and what do I get for that fee?
A: Membership in the AGA is $119 and is good for 12 calendar months from the day you join. As a member of the AGA, you are part of a great association of other golfers who share your passion. Your membership gives you access to all our events as well as discounts and specials from our partners. You are able to pick and choose events of your choice on the premiere golf courses. Our high quality events are run according to USGA rules and with the integrity and traditions of the great game of golf. You will also be able to compete for some great prizes at our events. Once you join, you will receive a membership packet at your first TOUR Series event with shirt, towel, bag tag, hat, hat clip/ball marker, shaft labels, and USGA rule book. The AGA membership also enables you to bring guests to events as well as our trips. We offer many one day golfing opportunities as well as multi-day events and trips.

Q: Do I have to have a USGA index?
A: Yes - or be in the process of getting one. You may do this through any club you are affiliated with, or the AGA TOUR can do your handicapping for an annual fee (January-December) of $40. A minimum of six score cards will allow you into an AGA TOUR event until your handicap process begins.

Q: Is slow play a problem?
A: Please remember that we are playing tournament golf with participants giving more effort and thought to their game. A minimum of two and up to five AGA TOUR marshals will be monitoring pace of play on the golf course for TOUR Series events. If your group falls one hole behind (a par four), you will be given an official warning. Your group will then need to play the next three holes in forty minutes or less or suffer a two-stroke penalty to each player in your group. Being put on warning does not mean you are a slow player, but that your group is behind at the moment and needs to speed up so as not to impact the entire field any more than necessary. Our Players and Hardcore Series events have a double bogey max, so that helps to enable us to get around quicker in those events.

Q: How am I assured there is no "sandbagging"?
A: Fortunately, this is rarely a problem, and if it is, we act accordingly. This is because we have checks and balances in place to insure fairness to all. Your current handicap is pulled up before each tournament you play in order for us to see your current USGA index. We then have rules that are used to ensure players are competing at the proper level for their given flight. Winning two tournaments with differentials worthy of being in the next flight up in a TOUR Series event automatically adjusts your tournament index. Also, in a flight of 10+ players, should you win by five strokes or more with a qualifying score (handicap differential is lower than player's or flight's index), you will be automatically adjusted. In a flight with fewer than 10 players, a player will be handicap adjusted if their winning score is a qualifying score 4 strokes below their index. After a move, you will be under penalty for three revisions and must play in at least two more events in any series at that level before being evaluated to be moved back should your index allow it. Strong performance or a win in the new flight will require a possible readjustment by the Commissioner.

Q: What are the Short Tees?
A: In all events, members who wish to play the course from a shorter tee option will have that ability.  If the member is playing in the under 6.9 index flight, they will typically play 6400-6600 yards instead of 6700+.  In the 7-12.9 flight, they would play 6000-6300 range instead of 6200-6600; and then in the over 13 index range they will play no more than 5700-6200 instead of 5900-6300.  Some events it may be a different tee box and some may not, but the shorter tees option ensures the distance to be in a fair range for shorter hitters of that handicap level.  Per USGA rules, there will be an adjustment to the score of those playing shorter tees. For more information on how the adjustment is calculated, click here.

Q: What do I receive when I win?
A: First place in an AGA event receives a nice trophy which we feel certain you will be pleased to display in your office, business or home. Gift certificates will be paid for top finishers in each flight. The amount of the certificates are dependent on the number of players in your flight for each tournament.

Q: How are ties handled?
A: Depends on a tie for what?  If you are wanting to know about ties for Watch the Season Points then see the Watch the Season points page.  For tournament position, ties they are handled as follows when necessary: If a tie for first place occurs, a playoff will determine the winner if possible and the course permits.  Tied players competing from different tees within the same flight will have secondary stroke control applied as necessary. If a playoff is not possible for reasons except when a player had to leave for convenience or non-emergency situations, then a scorecard match is done to determine a winner or in some cases we may decide to have a chip off or some other sort of sudden death type playoff.  If a player is not present for the playoff the player that leaves will automatically get 2nd.  In most other tie occurrences, a split of the prize will occur if the prize is worth enough to make a split make sense.  If needed, as deemed by the Tournament Commissioner, ties can be broken by a scorecard match should a prize not be able to be split.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Complete the information on the membership application and we will get you started as a new member of the AGA.
We accept cash, check, American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard.