The AGA does our best to ensure fairness and fun for all members.  If you are a senior (50+) and feel the need or enjoy playing a shorter course than your flight is playing, you have the option to play up.  Prizes are awarded within each flight for Gross and Net.  If a senior is playing a different tee from his flight, then the tournament committee uses the course rating and secondary stroke control to determine prizes. For more information on handling scoring when players are competing from different tees, see this USGA explanation.

In the AGA, a Senior is defined to be any player who is 50 or over at any time during the calendar year. Seniors have the option to play in the flight determined by their index with the yardages specified by the flight, or they may play the senior tee for their flight. 

When registering for an event, a Senior will need to specify if they would like to compete from the shorter (senior) tees.

Note - The shorter tee option is open to all players on the AGA. We have a page dedicated to Seniors because that is who normally is asking about a shorter tee option. It is available to all players, however.