Hardcore Series Points

2017/2018 Hardcore Series Points


Last Name First Name Points TOC Qualifier
Refling Tyler 470 No
Schutt Thomas 311.7 Yes
Pratt Michael 289.2 Yes
Collins Scott 271.7 No
Daniel Randy 262.5 Yes
Germano Charles 257.5 Yes
Weeks Kevin 242.5 Yes
Phillips Brad 225 No
Bartlett Wayne 202.5 Yes
Williams Rusty 202.5 Yes
Kannan Ravi 160 Yes
Ellis Mark 147.5 Yes
Rhoads Dan 147.5 No
Hope Rowdy 135 Yes
Williams Jeff 135 Yes
Deal Billy 100 Yes
Hailey Michael 100 Yes
Wilhoit Tim 90 No
Dunn Terry 80 Yes
Brown Chris 75 Yes
Bartlett Evan 67.5 No
Schutt Patrick 62.5 No
Griffin David 60 No
Burnette Patrick 60 Yes
Turner Steven 52.5 No
Maestas Andy 50 No
Kitchens Ted 45 No
Fields Eddie 45 Yes
Campbell Gil 42.5 No
Brittain Bruce 40 No
Philips Steve 37.5 No
Rogers Todd 37.5 No
Aiken Isaac 37.5 No
Dennis Wally 27.5 Yes
Patterson Norm 25 Yes
Mason Jim 20 No
Mackay Bret 20 No
Beber Randy 10 No


At each Hardcore Series event, points are awarded based on how individuals finish in their flight (see point structure below).  If there is a tie for a position and no playoff occurs, the points for the positions used are added together and divided by number of positions. An example would be – if there was a 3 way tie for second – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th points would be added together and divided by 3 for the points award to each person involved in the tie. In the event a tie for first place occurs and a playoff is held, then first place in the playoff will be awarded first place points. If more than 2 people tie for 1st, all losers in the playoff will tie for second and split points as mentioned above.  Points determine Hardcore Series Season winners. Season winners receive great prize.

Points Calculation

Place Points
1 100
2 75
3 60
4 50
5 45
6 40
7 35
8 30
9 25
10 20
11 15
12 and above 10