AGA TOUR Sponsors

Bridgestone Golf has really been on a tear in the last year and we are very happy to have them as a major sponsor and provider of “The official ball of the AGA TOUR”.  Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Bridgestone Golf has a lot of great pro’s using their balls and clubs.  Bridgestone Golf now makes nine great Bridgestone golf balls, seven of which are provided to the players on the AGA TOUR – B330, B330-S, B330-RX, B330-RXS, e5, e6, and the e7.  If you want any other information about Bridgestone Golf, check out their

The AGA TOUR is excited to have the Old Edwards Inn and Spa as well as the Old Edwards Club golf course on board as a sponsor of the AGA TOUR.  This great hotel and golf course located in Highlands, NC is one of the best resorts in the country and definitely the best in the Carolina mountains.  If you are looking for an awesome getaway this is the place to do it.  For more information check out their website at


The AGA TOUR is excited to have SGP Properties as a major sponsor.  SGP provide homeowners with beautiful custom-built homes, renovations, or additions with appeal, flow and individuality. When creating a home in the Atlanta area, we continually strive to make it a place that feels both fresh and innovative, while still embracing the charm and traditional feel of the older homes around Buckhead.  If you want to know more check out their website


The AGA TOUR is proud to be associated with Royal Oak Charcoal.  Longtime sponsor and supporter Bradley Keeter does a lot to support the AGA TOUR and we are very happy to have them as a major sponsor.  One of the largest US coal producers and family owned.  Help support Royal Oak and make that your charcoal of choice.  For more information check out their website at


AGA TOUR welcomes BAK Motorsports as a major sponsor.  BAK is Brad Keeter’s racing team that races in off road races.